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HEXFIRE Testimonials

Can't thank Chrispy Man enough for the help and support over these past months  one of our communities true Alpha brains who is more than happy to share this knowledge with the community.


One of the main goals of the hexican community was always to bring the "trust" back into the cryptocurrency space. And what better way is there to achieve this with totally unbiased data drawn from the blockchain directly. HEX and our story are always being backed up by data, not by a narrative or fancy marketing claims. Chrispyman has worked tirelessly on the website for years to generate statistical chart for every adoption metric, tokenomic detail or financial progress and comparison that you could think of. Its very "hexican", to have a statistic for everything. DJ Cryptomatic

DJ Cryptomatic

For HEX crypto enthusiasts, having access to advanced data on HEX staking is an intellectually-informed requirement, especially considering HEX's unique position as the first asset with a future market supply known through a smart contract. Sign up for if you believe my sign-off statement: "stake wisely my friends!"

Mati Allin is the premier place to get blockchain data for the hex and Pulsechain Ecosystem. The quality of data is second to none. Also, Chrispyman is able to quickly create whatever chart you need. I highly recommend his services for anyone who want the most cutting edge blockchain data.


HEXfire and Chrispyman have taught me to look deeper into the math of TShares. I no longer look at my HEX the same. The charts the he has built the community have given us an opportunity to see into the future of the HEX ecosystem. Anyone who is serious about their future HEX results would be wise to follow HEXfire and learn how to use the information he has curated in order to grow your crypto bags.

Randy Hilarski streams feel like the most crucial and insightful board meetings I’ve ever attended.
He’s our top alpha Hexican computer brains in the community


Aside from being a downright great guy & integris person, Chrispy has helped me remain confident in my holdings of Hex, Hedron & Icosa. He extrapolates, creates and shares data on a regular basis in a way that gives me peace of mind. And in crypto what's more important? Other than massive gains. Haha. He doesn't mince words or just make shit up on the fly that is questionable. If he has nothing to say he just listens. When he does say something you know it's backed up by data, facts and other experts compressed knowledge. It's allowed me to make sound crypto decisions/choices in crypto. He doesn't get wrapped up in the drama of crypto or other influencers either. He recognizes the topic, changes the direction of the conversation and goes back to his committment to teaching people what's important in crypto. I respect that.

FrankP and Chrispy are true assets to the community. I cannot imagine the hours and long nights go into making sure we have the best data available to make informed decisions in this ecosystem. If anyone deserves the mad gains, it’s people doing the relatively thankless work like this. This website is a gold standard resource for blockchain data and analytics


Chrispyman’s website hexfire provides comprehensive analytics on the hex ecosystem. There is information on the site you don’t see anywhere else, such as various future share rate estimates and value received if a stake is ended early. He is very thoughtful and professional in his work.

Dip Catcher

Shoutout to Chrispyman@hexfireio, DEV and data magician. If you want a deep dive into HEX staking, t-shares, charts & data, find an edge, plan ahead or just have a look at the system state then should be your first stop. Also checkout his youtube channel where he explains how everything works and what the metrics can be used for.


Hexfire always provides valuable stats and insights. I share this in videos to help people understand the true power of HEX and shares. HEXfire proves with math to the poweruser that longer pays better and that’s shares ensure a fair playing field for all players. Old stakers cant recompound forever without losing power. This is a must-bookmark tool for HEX enthusiasts. Lots of cool Easter eggs to find. Go down the rabbit hole!


No one goes deeper than HexFire into Hex Staking and no one understands its long-term wealth-building potential better. I use HexFire's non-financial-advice, data-only analysis to inform my own decisions.

Jebbuhdiah Dean

The On-Chain data that provides is literally on fire!! 🔥
It allows me to find the perfect potential estimations on the markets next moves.
If you wanna make money, I'd suggest adding this to your bookmarks!

Nate Mcgetit (TheAscendingMan)

For anyone passionate about #HEX data insights, keeping up with the work of @hexfireio is a must. His analyses provide great insights into the scarcity underlying $HEX.

Ben Sierra

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